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Who We Are

Designs By Christen is a Web Design and Marketing Company that was formed in 2012. We knew from day number one that we didn’t want to be like every other web design company out there. We wanted to be unique. We began looking into other companies and noticed some shortcomings. There is a huge separation in web design and marketing in the mainstream world. We see this as an error in philosophy. A website should be more than a stand-alone way to advertise your business on the world-wide web. If it is, it will be lost in the thousands of other websites in your same field. We believe a website should be one piece in an overall marketing campaign to market your business to the world. In other words, whereas most people see web design and marketing as two separate worlds, we see them as one world. We combine the two so you can effectively market your business. That is what separates us from the rest of the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a full service web design and marketing company that provides an amazing service for a reasonable price. With respect to our web designs, we try to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Just because a website looks good doesn’t mean it’s functionally right or serves your business well. You have to find a right balance. Likewise, with respect to marketing, throwing a website on the internet does not mean you are marketing your business. It means your website is floating around out there amongst thousands of other websites. You have to create strategies to drive business to your website and once they arrive, you have to create strategies that turns those visitors into customers. That’s marketing. Our mission is to accomplish all of this for our clients and to do it for a reasonable price, that’s creating value. We do all of our own work, no outsourcing.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is this: We want to build more than website and marketing plans, we want to build lasting relationships. Our goal is watch our clients grow their businesses beyond all of their expectations. Everything we do for our clients supports this position. If your company is not a successful then it’s impossible for our company to be successful. We are a small company and will stay that way. We have looked at other companies who boast about having over 20,000 clients. That is a tremendous amount of experience, but there is absolutely no way you can build relationships with 20,000 people. That is mass production. That is not what we do. If you are interested in this, our company is not a good fit for you. We feel we can better serve our clients when we can have a relationship with them. That is our commitment to you.

We are located

On The Beautiful Central Coast of California

PO Box 2444 Oructt, CA 93455 Phone: 1.805.588.6928 Web: www.designsbychristen.com